Transform your people into relational, intentional and impactful leaders.

Wildsparq is a scalable leadership training system to help you grow, empower and reproduce mid-level managers.

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Every person deserves a great leader. We make that a reality in your workplace.

Wildsparq takes the guesswork out of your leadership training by equipping your team with a solid foundation for a lifetime of meaningful leadership. Schedule a demo today and start building up the leaders in your organization.

Wildsparq makes online leadership training simple, effective and measurable.


With a step-by-step process, clear expectations and a manageable time investment, Wildsparq makes leadership training easier than ever.


Helpful leader guides and inspiring discussion prompts reinforce each lesson so that your team retains more, and therefore implements more.


A little friendly competition never hurts! Each participant has a rank on the Leaderboard that keeps them motivated and accountable to their team.

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“We use Wildsparq to multiply leaders on every level of our organization, from the executive team all the way to our front line.”

Patti Murphy, VP of Employee Experience, Hayden Homes

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