7 Reasons Leader Development Matters

Have you ever thought about the value of great leadership? What’s the return for those who define, discover, and develop multiplying leaders in their organizations? 

These are questions all great organizations should be asking, so we made a list to help identify a few key answers. Here goes:

1. Lack of leadership capability costs U.S. corporations up to $550 billion annually.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT INCREASES PROFITABILITY. Leadership development will coach your leaders how to make strategic decisions, how to lead effectively, and how to find new opportunities, which means a huge impact to your bottom line.

2. Only 12% of people who leave their jobs cite money as the reason. 

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT INCREASES RETENTION. The second most negotiated thing employees consider (after money) is mentorship, training, coaching, and further leadership development. Your company’s goal should be to retain talent for as long as possible, and a proven tool like Wildsparq can help!

3. 53% of Americans are currently unhappy at work. More than half of America's workers are unhappy? How sad!

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT INCREASES COMPANY CULTURE. Good leaders create better employees; better employees are happier employees; happier employees are harder-working employees; and harder-working employees are more profitable employees because they care more — not just about the job they are doing, but also about the success of their co-workers.

4. 93% of managers say they need training on how to coach their employees, but almost 50% do not receive any training at all.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT INCREASES PRODUCTIVITY. Many times, executives think that simply working harder and longer is the only thing that really brings results. False. Multiplying leaders is what brings true, meaningful, lasting results.

5. Only 33% of the US workforce feels engaged at work (15% worldwide), and 79% of people who quit their jobs cite ‘lack of appreciation’ as their reason for leaving. 

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT INCREASES ENGAGEMENT. It has been proven that employees who are engaged by their managers, etc. are more willing and encouraged to invest their time — their future — in that organization’s vision. Investing time and resources will help keep and retain those talented assets.

6. 48% of the workforce will be Millennials by 2020

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT INCREASES THE FUTURE. We love the old adage that if the level of external change surpasses the level of internal change, failure is imminent. Engaged employers create engaged employees who want to go farther, faster and take others with them. Increased inspiration yield innovation. And innovation is everything…

7. More than 50% of people cite “bad leadership” as the main reason they leave their jobs

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT INCREASES LEADERS. Leaders learn by example and therefore lead by example. If you want to have a lasting impact on your culture, communities and in the world, you’d better start ensuring the future of your organization is taught right from wrong. And that starts with you.

The list goes on and on and on. CLICK HERE to set up a free online demonstration to see how Wildsparq can help you and your teams discover the incredible ROI potential of investing in your leaders.