Typewriter with the word "Goals" typed out

Who Do You Want to Be This Year?

It’s that time of year again. December first is right around the corner!

For most of us, we gladly say goodbye to an old year and welcome a new fresh start.

As we begin 2023, it’s time for us to refocus and cast a new vision. It’s a time for us to reset and start fresh. It’s a time for us to envision how we make 2023 our best year ever.

Who Do You Want to Be This Year?

Most of our energy is focused on what we want to “DO” in 2023. We work on resolutions and set new goals. Most of these are tied to things we want to start doing, keep doing, or stop doing as we reset for the New Year. Those are all great things to do but what if there’s a better question to ask?

What if before we ask, “What do I want to ‘DO’ in 2023” we ask, “Who do I want to ‘BE’ in 2023?”

The better question to ask as we head into 2023 is “Who do I want to ‘BE’ this year.”

“BE” words are about our character, our relationships, and our impact on others. It turns the focus to our hearts and minds and not just on our actions. “BE” words help us take a step back and cast a broader vision for our lives. They help put our “DO” words in perspective and provide guardrails for the type of person we want to become.

Who Do You Want to “BE” in 2023?

Maybe you want to “BE” more present, more patient, kinder, more assertive, more intentional, more empathetic, more loving, more focused on others, more courageous, more relaxed, or more authentic.

Imagine the scene of your life on 1/1/2023. Who do you want to “BE” on that day? How would you want the “BE” narrative to play for 2023? How do you envision your character growing and your influence expanding?

Take a few minutes to write down 2–3 “BE” words you’ll commit to investing in this year. Share them with a friend who can help hold you accountable and encourage you along the way. 

Think it, speak it, and then go do it.

The first person we need to lead in 2023 is ourselves.