Business "shaped" by relationships...

Celebrating others is one of our favorite things to do at Wildsparq. Celebrations help boost morale, build-up teams, serve as motivation to team members, help us share in each others’ successes, and build a stronger work culture among our team. And you know what? Celebrating our partners does the same thing! 

That’s why we like to give shout-outs to the incredible businesses and individuals that are engaged in the Wildsparq platform; folks who are starting to see positive results in their own organization(s). 

Today, we’re celebrating BHS Corrugated

BHS Corrugated has been building corrugators and manufacturing corrugating rolls for over 50 years. What’s that, you ask? Well, "corrugated" means "to shape into alternate ridges and grooves." BHS Corrugated customers produce corrugated board for a broad range of industries, such as the food, automotive, and consumer goods industries, as well as for purely shipping and packaging companies. And they don’t just dabble in it, either. BHS Corrugated is a market leader with close to 50% of the market share in the development and production of corrugating rolls, corrugators and individual machines.

With almost 2,200 employees, worldwide, BHS Corrugated needed a platform that can continue to guide leadership and grow with them. Their US Operations alone employ about 140 experts spread out to about 20 different states. Karen Steed, BHS Corrugated’s Director of Human Resources says that Wildsparq is the “ideal adult learning platform” that is helping their US teams learn and grow more proficiently and efficiently. 

That’s high praise from the world’s biggest solution provider in the corrugated board industry! The company boasts “expertise, innovation, and passion” as three things that separate them from the competition, and it just so happens those three words are paramount in Wildsparq's vocabulary, too!

Wildsparq is super-proud to be partnering with BHS Corrugated, and we can’t wait to see their people grow!

What about you? How can you and your team implement Wildsparq’s simple, scalable plan to grow your people, both personally and professionally? Actually, you know what? Don’t answer that. Let us answer it for you! CLICK HERE to sign up for a free demo of the leadership platform that BHS Corrugated and other great companies like CHICK-FIL-A, HONDA, ONIN, and CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL OF ALABAMA have implemented to help strengthen their culture, develop stronger teams, and develop their leaders in a simple, scalable way!