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two men in a one on one meeting at work.

One On One Meeting Questions: What to Ask

Asking the right questions of the people you lead is a skill that can make all the difference. Whether you’re a manager seeking to best understand your team members or an employee looking to clarify expectations, knowing how to ask the right one on one meeting questions can lead to better outcomes and build stronger…

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Four workers looking at a white board

Why Does Leadership Development Matter?

Have you ever thought about the value of great leadership? What’s the return for those who define, discover, and develop multiplying leaders in their organizations?  These are questions all great organizations should be asking, so we made a list to help identify a few key answers. Here goes: Leadership Development Increases Profitability Lack of leadership…

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Two women sitting across from each other at a table in a one on one meeting

One on One Meetings: A Manager’s Most Powerful Tool

The word “meeting” tends to set off an internal cringe alarm. Because many meetings aren’t effective, that’s a fair response. However, the most powerful tool you have as a manager is weekly one on one meetings with each person on your team. That’s right… weekly.  If done right, this meeting can produce the most significant…

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