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Four workers looking at a white board

Why Does Leadership Development Matter?

Have you ever thought about the value of great leadership? What’s the return for those who define, discover, and develop multiplying leaders in their organizations?  These are questions all great organizations should be asking, so we made a list to help identify a few key answers. Here goes: Leadership Development Increases Profitability Lack of leadership…

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Team meeting of people listening to one man talk by a TV

Why You Should Implement Leadership Development Training

A business could provide the best leadership training or sign its employees up for the best leadership courses in the world, but to ensure your organization’s employees (especially the leaders among your workforce) are adequately trained requires a great deal of effort, research, and initiative as well. It may be true that some people are…

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Typewriter with the word "Goals" typed out

Who Do You Want to Be This Year?

It’s that time of year again. December first is right around the corner! For most of us, we gladly say goodbye to an old year and welcome a new fresh start. As we begin 2023, it’s time for us to refocus and cast a new vision. It’s a time for us to reset and start…

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A hand highlighting paper and a cellphone sitting on the table

How to Defeat the Tyranny of the Urgent

There’s an emerging currency for leaders. This new currency has the ability to differentiate leaders and set them on an accelerated course toward success. Think for a minute about what currency is and how it’s used. Currency is something you exchange for something that’s valuable to or needed by you. You exchange cash for your…

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Four people gathered around a laptop

Two Key Factors in a High-Performing Team

As leaders, we all aspire to build a high-performing team. We want our peers and boss to perceive our team as such. We want our team to be more than average. We want them to be a group that others aspire to join and a team that delivers extraordinary business results. We know there’s a…

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Glasses clearly seeing trees

Navigating Chaos: Simplifying the Battlefield

What do you do when your plans go sideways? When chaos and clutter are prevalent and the fog rolls in? We’ve all been there. Some of us are there now. We’ve all had moments or seasons where chaos reigns and we struggle to maintain focus and forward momentum. Stress rises. Things break. We freak out. …

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Person working on laptop

How to Master Self-Leadership

Why Emotional Intelligence Is Important For Self-Leadership Do you know how other people experience you? Are you aware of the impact you have on the people around you?  Every person experiences you and the world differently. That’s why whether you’ve had a leadership title for years or are starting your first job post-grad, increasing your…

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People following a leader on a hill at sunset

Why are Great Leaders Unique?

The Original Intention Great people leaders are hard to find and even harder to codify. But, every leader deserves to be positioned and equipped to be great.  So, why are great leaders unique? What are the characteristics demonstrated by people leaders who perform at high levels that result in their team actually want to follow…

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A large bonsai tree

What Does Mr. Miyagi Teach Us about Leadership?

Remember the beloved “wax on, wax off” sensei from the Karate Kid movies that taught Daniel  LaRusso how to defend himself against the dreaded Cobra Kai’s? He is often seen pruning and grooming Bonsai trees while Daniel was off waxing cars and staining fences.  There’s a key leadership lesson we can learn from Mr. Miyagi…

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