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3 Ways a Newcomer Sees Wildsparq Live Their Mission

The Wildsparq Mission

I joined the FireSeeds & Wildsparq team on Monday, September 11, after a whirlwind interview process that included written assessments, video assessments, and multiple interviews over the course of 10 days time. That’s not the norm for our company, but there were some outstanding circumstances that made it necessary to fill the position quickly. Throughout the interview process, I constantly heard phrases like company culture, purpose-driven organizations, leadership development, and telling your story.

When a company’s tagline is “Multiplying Leaders” and they use these phrases in everyday conversation, you sometimes wonder if they can live up to their own hype. Well, on this, my eighth day in the office, I can assure you that the people who are FireSeeds & Wildsparq unapologetically practice what they preach both in their business life and in their personal lives.

How Wildsparq Lives Their Mission

Time to ask How Wildsparq Lives Their Mission

  1. Every Monday morning, we have an hour set aside to “Commune and Connect.” Our staff shares a devotional together, reads scripture, and prays for the week ahead. Then we take time to share a little about our family and the events of our weekend. This is a strategic investment into the company culture. Do we sacrifice an hour of our Monday on things that aren’t driving the dollar? You might see it that way, but I think it makes our team more productive. We are so invested in how everyone else is doing that it makes us want to be our very best for everyone sitting around the table.
  2. As a leadership development platform, we introduce Wildsparq to organizations as a way for them to practically invest in creating leaders company-wide. Developing leaders is a great idea in theory, but how many companies actually invest the time and capital to make sure that they are doing so? Well, FireSeeds and Wildsparq do! We work through the Wildsparq modules just like our clients do, and we take time out each month to have team meetings to discuss what we’ve learned. Again, this is time away from our desks that don’t directly impact our earnings, but the investment in our people is fruitful and creates greater productivity in the end.
  3. One of the first slides that our CEO Cord Sachs shows prospective clients in a sales meeting is a picture of his (not so small) family with the caption “Board Room to Family Room.” This principle is nice and clean on a slide in a presentation, but how many upper-level executives actually live it out? Family is a top priority for Cord, so it subsequently is a top priority for his entire staff. We are all encouraged to coach our kids and their teams or to go on field trips with them. We are given the time to serve in different roles at our churches. And we are encouraged to find time to date our significant others. All of that assures that our relationships outside of work are strong and ultimately makes our staff more productive during business hours.

So, although I’ve only been a part of the FireSeeds & Wildsparq team for a short time, I already feel the impact that a quality work culture can create on the entire rhythm of your life. Seeing how Wildsparq lives their mission, I leave work fulfilled and go home to my family knowing that they can be my sole focus for the night. I also know when I go back to work the next morning, I will do everything I can to work hard for my team and to impact others for His Glory.

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Sara Wilson is the Communications Coordinator for FireSeeds and Wildsparq, located in Birmingham, AL. You can contact her directly at sara@fireseeds.com.