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Why Rules are Ruining Your Business’ Culture

The Importance of Business Culture

If you have a business problem (any problem); you, my friend, have a culture problem. Breakdown in communication? Culture problem. Are people showing up late for work? Culture problem. Lack of role clarity? Culture. Employees aren’t stepping up and owning problems, mistakes, and weaknesses, or offering strategies, solutions, or strengths? 

Culture. Culture. Culture.

Yesterday, we talked a little about APATHY being the number one killer of progress. If we want people to bring value, they need to BE valued, right? Of course, right?

Why Do Rules Ruin Business Culture?

Well, the second sign that your organization’s culture might stink has to do with RULES.

We all have them. Nobody likes them. And, for most organizations, the old adage is, unfortunately, true: Rules are made to be broken. Rules ruin business culture. Of course, we all need guardrails, templates, great instruction, and results from past successes and failures to lead us; but a sure sign that you might have a culture problem is when your HR Department no longer means for Human Resources; it has become more about Human Rules.

Listen when employees don’t feel free to discuss and engage in new processes, procedures, ideas, and coloring outside the lines every now and then, they are more likely to keep concerns, frustrations, and suggestions to themselves.

They need a resource, not just another rulebook because rules ruin business culture.

Wildsparq has created a Culture Benchmark that we would love to share with you and your organization. Contact us for more information, or email, and we’ll have someone fill you in on the details.