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Why Procedures are Ruining Your Business’ Culture

Hopefully, you have been following along with the blog this week. Monday, we discussed APATHY, Tuesday was all about RULES OVER RESOURCES, and today we’re focusing on THE THREE Ps.

The Problem With Procedures and Processes

Another sure sign that you have a culture problem is when employees begin following procedures and processes more than they follow their hearts. Procedures and processes are necessary, but they should never get in the way of progress. When “Uh-oh, we’ve never done it that way before” becomes a common response to creativity, innovation, and new ideas, as opposed to, “Wow! We’ve never done it that way before!” You’re about to find yourself working with a bunch of robots. Now, don’t get me wrong; robots are cool, and if you told me I could have one, I’d take it. But I don’t want to work with them. And neither do you. And guess what? Neither do your employees. 

If you don’t have an open, welcoming, gracious, and forgiving community in which your team is encouraged to share ideas and creative ways of thinking about your business, Wildsparq can help. 

Check back tomorrow when we will share thoughts on micro-management.

We have created a Culture Benchmark that we’d love to share with you and your organization. Connect with us for more information, or email info@wildsparq.com, and we’ll have someone fill you in on the details.