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Why Micro-Management is Ruining Your Business’ Culture

The Problem With Micro-Management

One of the biggest and most lethal killers of culture is micro-management. You know the type: 

They’re never quite satisfied; they get frustrated when someone does something (right or wrong) differently than they would have done it; they forget to keep the main thing the main thing, and get caught up in minor and often-times insignificant details; they constantly need to know where so-and-so is, and ask over and over and over again, “Whatcha working on?”

There are a lot of other descriptions that could be attributed to micro-management, but you get the idea. These “leaders” are nit-picking your day to the point of exhaustion, frustration, and ultimately, “done.”

Paying attention to details and making sure the work is getting done are important, so it’s easy to chalk all of the above up to a necessary part of managing. But they aren’t necessary all the time. The problem with micro-managers is their application of the same level of intensity, scrutiny, and in-your-face approach to every task — warranted or not. 

Put An End To Micro-Management

The bottom line is this: If any or all of the above apply to you, you need to stop. You’re killing your culture. Period. The end.

But not quite the end, because tomorrow we’re going to discuss the fifth and final sign that your culture sticks: MISSION.

Stay tuned, and let us hear from you! We’d love to know how you are experiencing this series and, perhaps, where we could improve!

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