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How to Engage Your Employees

Importance Of Engagement

According to a recent New York Daily News report, nearly 70% of U.S. employees are unhappy with their jobs. That means more than half of America — a lot more, actually — is miserable from 9 to 5, at least five days a week. Yikes!

Why do you think that is? Bad jobs? Maybe. Bad companies? Potentially. Bad bosses? In some cases, most certainly. But what else? 

It has to do with engagement. Last year alone, U.S. companies lost more than $30 Billion because employees did not feel engaged at work. Rather, they didn’t have a sense of purpose in their role. There is such importance when you engage your employees when it comes to productivity and profit.

Five Ways To Engage Your Employees

Well, here are five things you might consider if you are trying to engage your employees. (And if you are disengaged at work, take a look at the following list and share it with your boss… or better yet, tell him or her to contact us. We’re here to help!)

1.  “You Do You.”

Encourage employees to be themselves. Leaders unknowingly create tension with their employees when they expect them to behave as they do. When employees are encouraged to be themselves and not what others want them to be, they will begin to embrace an entrepreneurial attitude. Employees respect leaders that allow them to use their most natural skills and characteristics. 

2.  “You Wanna Do What Now?” 

Celebrate each others’ “differences.” Stop spending time being overly critical of what your employees are not doing right and identify what they are naturally gravitating towards – that which gets them excited. Throw their job description out the door and focus on those areas your employees enjoy contributing to the most and build a plan that utilizes their most positive capabilities to create the outcomes you desire. Expand your leadership lens to detect what matters most to your employees and allow them to flourish.

3.  “I Think You Can. I Think You Can…”

Empower employees to discover their potential. You will never know what an employee is capable of accomplishing unless you stop micromanaging and start empowering them to discover their full potential. Empowering employees demands a confident leader that is willing to allow their employees to fail, then help them pick up the pieces and rebound. Employees engage when they are empowered to explore endless possibilities, and they will always reach their capacity before reaching their potential, unless you step back, let go, and let ‘em be…

4.  “You Tell Me…” 

Put your employees in a position of power every now and then. Beyond empowering employees, put them in a position of influence to see how they react and engage in their new role. Ask them their opinion and then LISTEN when they have an answer. The most engaged employees are those whose leaders have confidence in them.

5.  “I Got You.”

Have each others’ backs. Teamwork doesn’t just apply to teammates. The coach has to be there, too. Employees disengage when their leaders play mind games and are inconsistent with their approach and style. Employees are vulnerable these days – not really knowing who to trust, rely upon or follow. Be there. Stay there. Lead. Organizations lose top talent all the time assuming their employees will be loyal to them – rather than recognizing that retaining top talent requires leaders to always be looking out for employees’ best interests. 

Let us hear from you! What are some other ways you can engage your employees?

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