binoculars sitting on a ledge overlooking a sunset

Leaders are Learners with Vision

True leadership takes vision. Leaders are Learners with vision. Now, I’m not talking about clarity. That comes later. I’m talking about leadership vision. Going to places you’ve never been and allowing others to come along for the ride; overcoming insecurities and being willing to sometimes “leap before you look”; trusting in the things you know to be true, but always asking questions. Always learning.

Leaders are Learners with Vision

Being a leader means showing; not just telling. Living big dreams; not just dreaming them. And having the ability to set goals and see them through. Leaders are learners with vision. What you say and what you believe about leadership will only be as effective as what you are also willing to do (as a leader), so work hard to bring your experience to the forefront as you think about the future: going there and taking others with you.

And then doing it again and again and again and again… 

Repetition is the mother of all learning. Leaders learn by teaching what they’ve taught. Every day. Changing it up or keeping it the same. Just keep going. Repetition yields constants. Constants create cultures. And it is our cultures that set us apart as individuals and organizations.