Maybe you're a dancer...

When Gillian was a child, her teachers were concerned. One wrote to Gillian’s parents that they thought she needed counseling because she couldn’t sit still in class. Perhaps she had a learning disorder because she was always moving around and sometimes bothering other students as they sat quietly trying to complete their work.

If the diagnosis had been available back in the 1930's, she probably would have been diagnosed with ADHD or something altogether more serious. She was hopeless in class, and on the verge of failing out.

Gillian’s parents took her to a counselor who talked with the child for several hours — observing her actions and allowing her to move about without restriction. 

After the session, the psychologist gave his diagnosis: "Mr. and Mrs. Lynne,” he said, “I’m afraid your daughter is a dancer.”

Soon after, Gillian was taken to dance school and remarked how wonderful it was to be in a place with other people who had to move to think. Her circumstances changed, and she flourished.

She then went on to receive high honors at the Royal School of Ballet, start her own dance company, meet Andrew Loyd Weber, and become a multi-millionaire. She created the dancing in Cats, Phantom of the Opera, and many more staples in the world’s most regarded productions. 

All because Dame Gillian Barbara Lynne was allowed to “create” in an environment that suited her.


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