We have some new faces around Wildsparq, and we couldn't be happier about it! We're proud to welcome Emmy, Lacy, and Peyton to the Wildsparq family:

Emmy Hobbs, Client Success Leader

Emmy Hobbs is what some people might call a polymath. I don’t know any of those people, but being so multi-talented and interested in so many different things, Emmy probably does. She’s a Samford University graduate with a degree in nutrition. She’s a make-up artist, fitness freak, baker, church volunteer, wife, sister, daughter, and Client Success Leader at Wildsparq. Talk about a Renaissance Woman! Basically, her responsibilities at Wildsparq are to engage with clients, answer their questions, guide their decisions, and serve as the ambassador of good vibes to all who come in contact with the Wildsparq platform. When she’s not at work, she’s usually doing one or several of those things I’ve already mentioned with the love of her life, Chris. Her life goals include being a Mom someday — not today, but someday — and teaching the world to chew with their mouths closed. A worthy and admirable goal if you ask me.

Lacy Caughel, Sales Development Leader

Two of the following statements are true. Lacy Caughhel hardly ever smiles. She’s from Orlando. She’s not very personable. She doesn’t really like talking to people. And she recently graduated from Samford University with a degree in Business Marketing, concentrating on professional sales. Take a wild guess. Better yet, spend about three-and-a-half seconds in the same zip code as Lacy, and you’ll know for a fact that she’s the peoplest of people persons. As a sales development leader at Wildsparq, she puts those remarkable people skills to work every day, sourcing and prospecting new clients, crafting specific and personalized outreach, making what seems like hundreds of phone calls, setting up meetings, and pretty much just shining that bright, bubbly light of hers on potential clients all over the country. When she’s not at Wildsparq, you’ll usually find her outdoors, more than likely on or in the water, working out, or hosting dinner parties where she serves as the hostess and chef. Yeah… she cooks, too, guys!

Peyton Welch, Sales Development Leader

Peyton Welch hails from “Nawlins, Louisiana,” and serves as a Sales Development Leader at Wildsparq, which pretty much means he gets to reach out and connect with individuals at companies that could benefit from using the Wildsparq platform. “Which ones?” I asked. “The answer to that question is quite simply, all of ‘em,” Peyton says with a smile. “I mean, who wouldn’t want to use the Wildsparq platform, am I right?” He’s right, for the record, but let’s move on. Peyton spends most days identifying, researching, discussing, and then reaching out to kindred spirits all over the country — making introductions and answering a plethora of questions — and he’s pretty darn good at it, too. And that’s a good thing, because Peyton has a degree from Samford University in economics, and there’s not a whole lot he could have done with that, am I right? That was a joke. Peyton is wicked smart. So smart, in fact, that he was able to convince his beautiful bride, Tori, to say “yes” this past summer! When he’s not helping to lead our teams at Wildsparq, you’ll probably catch Peyton and Tori volunteering at local non-profits, hanging out at Christ fellowship Church in Birmingham, playing basketball, reading, or listening to music. When asked about his favorite hobby, Peyton responded, shyly, “I like making lists. Lots and lots of lists.” How cool! You landed a good one, there, Tori. Attagirl. 🙄