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Myths About Millenials in Business

Myths About Millenials in Business

Generation Y, better known nowadays as millennials, is the generation of folks born between 1981 and 2000. This group has developed quite a reputation for themselves that is not always, shall we say, favorable. Why is that?

FireSeeds CEO Cord Sachs covers three prevalent myths about millennials that have cast their generation in a negative light and then sets the record straight on these misconceptions.

Myth #1: Millenials in Business Are Entitled

Millennials are the product of a generation that has given them access to a lot more information and freedom than any generation that has come before them. They have always been told that they can be whatever they want to be and they have always been given trophies for everything they do.

The truth is, millennials are not entitled but rather ambitious. They have been empowered all their lives to think that they can change the world, and now they think, “Why not me?”

Myth #2: Millenials in Business Are Disloyal

Millennials tend to be job hoppers, which gives them the appearance of having a lack of loyalty. According to this article in Forbes magazine, millennials expect to stay in their job for less than three years, because they are constantly on the search for happiness and fulfillment in the workplace.

Millennials are relationship skeptics. They have been connected relationally to a broad range of people throughout their lives due to the introduction of both the smartphone and social media, so they can see a surface relationship from a mile away and want nothing to do with it. Millennials are, in fact, longing for mentors and deep relationships where they are a valued part of an experience where someone is going to invest in them and expect them to invest in others.

Myth #3: Millenials in Business Are So Independent That You Can’t Depend On Them

Oftentimes, independence can be perceived as someone not being a team player.

Millennials actually very much want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They are great team players if they are given the opportunity to play a unique role that is communicated to them as being vital to the team and its success.
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