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How Wildsparq Affected Impact Partnership

Celebrating others is one of our favorite things to do at Wildsparq. Celebrations help boost morale, build up teams, serve as motivation to team members, help us share in each others’ successes, and build a stronger work culture among our team. 

And you know what? Celebrating our partners does the same thing! 

That’s why we like to give shout-outs to the incredible businesses and individuals that are engaged in the Wildsparq platform; folks who are starting to see positive results in their own organization(s). 

Celebrating The Wildsparq Impact Partnership

Today, we’re celebrating IMPACT PARTNERSHIP, a remarkable niche marketing agency out of Kennesaw, Georgia that is making a lasting difference in the lives of the people they serve. Connect with us for more information on the Wildsparq Impact Partnership— especially if you are in the financial services industry. You can thank us later. 

Recently, we sat down with Impact Partnership’s Chief Operating Officer, Kim Skouras, to talk about her company and how Wildsparq is helping them impact others.

What’s your favorite thing about Wildsparq, and how has this relationship benefitted you and your teams?

The Wildsparq Impact Partnership is great. The entire team has been incredibly helpful and encouraging. We feel like you all are longtime friends after just a few months. And Maggie (our account representative) has been just delightful. But the thing I love most is the opportunities the platform has afforded our team(s) to engage with one another and bond. Up until about a year ago, we were a very flat organization — successful and sufficient, but flat. This year, we have been developing middle managers and leadership teams to help broaden and deepen the organization. Immediately upon starting Wildsparq, we were able to bring leaders together for, perhaps, the first time, and we ALL began connecting at levels most of us never even knew we had. We have started to develop a behavioral language that helps us understand one another better.

A behavioral language. I like the way that sounds. Tell me about that.

What I mean is, we are putting people together as they complete the Wildsparq lessons who normally wouldn’t interact with one another — not because they don’t want to, and they can’t benefit from understanding each other; we just haven’t ever taken the time to be intentional like this to allow different parts of the organization understand the significance of every role… not just their own.

Personally, what has been your favorite thing about Wildsparq thus far?

It is incredibly intuitive and easy to navigate. But mostly, it’s the resources you all provide. There is a depth to the resources and to the storytelling throughout that makes us all look forward to the next thing. I have to say, though, my absolute favorite thing is what it is doing for our team. We are ACTUALLY getting to know one another, and that really is priceless.

Is there a particular lesson or title that you love or would recommend to others?

Our leadership team relished the DISC profile lessons. It was unbelievable to see how we all immediately began to see and understand each other.

What would you say to other leaders about investing time and money in LDP?

Do it! Today! At Impact Partnership, we have uncovered opportunities to grow that we never even imagined for ourselves. We never had exposure to the kinds of conversations and ideas we have had over the past few months. We’re able to better clarify and communicate strategies, philosophies, and aspirations on things — as a whole, not just individually. Wildsparq has created so many ah-ha moments in such a short time, it’s really impossible to quantify. Our team has never been more “together.”

And, it’s really fun. It’s kind of the best part of my week…


What about you? How can you and your team implement Wildsparq’s simple, scalable plan to grow your people, both personally and professionally? Actually, you know what? Don’t answer that. Let us answer it for you! Sign up for a free demo of the leadership platform that IMPACT PARTNERSHIP and other great companies like CHICK-FIL-A, HONDA, ONIN, and CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL OF ALABAMA have implemented to help strengthen their culture, develop stronger teams, and develop their leaders in a simple, scalable way!