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How Wildsparq Impacted AP Live

As a service-oriented business (which should really be every business if you think about it, but that’s another post for another day) there’s not a whole lot better than having clients, partners, and customers that appreciate and believe in what you are doing for them. Appreciation is incredibly powerful, and it goes a long way to building relationships and sustaining excitement around moving forward, together. 

And here’s the beautiful thing: Appreciation works both ways! There are the “thanks for doing what you do” kind of appreciation, but there’s also the “thanks for allowing us to do what we do” kind of appreciation. This post fits that latter category.

At Wildsparq, we consider ourselves outrageously blessed to work with some of the greatest, most prominent brands on the planet. What a thrill to come alongside those giants of industry and brand, and help shape the future of their leadership and culture. But we’re also able to engage with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and up-and-coming future giants as they build momentum and “grow up” as organizations. 

The Wildsparq AP Live Partnership

One such company is AP Live. AP Live delivers “best-in-industry large-format video/LED and corporate meeting audio visual solutions.” That’s a mouthful, I know, but these guys are experts in making others look good. Not just in what they do, but in how and why.

In fact, their work philosophy pretty much sums it up: “No detail too small. No vision too big.”

We LOVE that attitude and become more and more inspired by their work ethic and business philosophy each and every day. Talk about encouragement! AP LIVE currently has close to 40 leaders using the Wildsparq platform, and Wildsparq AP Live is looking forward to building this relationship for many years to come. We asked Tom Atema, owner and CEO of AP LIVE, what he thinks of the company’s relationship with Wildsparq, and his answer made us smile:

Wildsparq AP Live Growth

“At first there was a lot of hesitation (about the platform), but now most people look forward to seeing what the next month’s lesson will be. Wildsparq has become a part of who we are and we look forward each month to getting better as we get bigger.”

“Getting better as we get bigger.” How cool is that? That’s all we could ever aspire to do! 

Thanks for allowing us to serve with you, AP LIVE!

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