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How Wildsparq Impacted Susco Solutions

“For about nine months, things have been a bit different around Susco,” says Neel Sus, the software company’s founder and CEO. That’s how long Sus and his leaders at Susco have been partnering with Wildsparq.

Having never implemented a leadership development strategy at his company, Sus was a bit hesitant at first, but the persistence of Wildsparq’s VP of Sales and Client Success, helped change his mind: “ I think Josh (Etress) took one look at my LinkedIn profile and realized that our core values align… I eventually met with him to discuss it, and now I am very grateful for his persistence.

Wildsparq Susco Solutions Interview

We sat down with Neel recently to discuss the difference Wildsparq Susco Solutions has made in his business:

What ultimately caused you to take a closer look at Wildsparq?

At Susco, core value #1 is growth. By ‘Growth,’ we mean the continuous improvement of the company, our clients, and our employees. I’m passionate about fostering the personal and professional development of my team.

How has Wildsparq helped with that?

(the platform) has made group training much less painful and more effective. One of my strengths is working with people individually to help foster growth — theirs and mine. However, I’m not a professional trainer and I’m certainly not an expert at leading group training sessions or setting a curriculum. Wildsparq’s content and frequency are delivered in a way that’s easy to absorb. We also love the fact that the team meeting agenda is step-by-step so we don’t have to develop any content for it. It’s very engaging and we’re learning a lot about each other in the process.

Can you name a few ways Wildsparq has helped develop leaders, improve culture, or bring unity to Susco as a whole?

Wildsparq has helped our team members communicate more effectively with the leadership team; second, it has helped everyone be a little more reflective and thoughtful with how they handle conflict; and finally, our whole team more deeply understands why leadership training is important. They used to just take my word for it. Now they get it.

What would you say to other leaders looking for ways to lead their organization more effectively?

Unless you love creating hodgepodge-soft-skills-training-content and coming up with your own exercises for team learning, I highly recommend using WildSparq so you can learn with your team, and not sweat developing the process. These guys have it figured out!

Do you have a favorite Wildsparq lesson or ideal that has made a difference in your leadership?

I love many of them! I think most of my staff would say that the Legacy lesson is their favorite, but I would say “Deal with It” has been most helpful for me. Many of us struggle with necessary conflict, and I think this was eye-opening.


Susco develops business software and mobile workforce applications to enable businesses to improve their internal workflow, better engage with their customers, and create great products. 


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