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How the DISC Assessment Shows Us Our Weakness

Everyone has their annoying little quirks — from your kids smacking their mashed potatoes at the dinner table to the annoying office worker who constantly hijacks your story with a “more exciting” version of their life. 

What Are The DISC Personality Types

Each DISC personality type has its own little quirks, too. While every person has a little bit of every personality type within them, most people have predominant styles. These prevalent behavioral types can have amazing attributes. D’s can take control of a situation and be decisive in an emergency. I’s can charm your pants off and start a conversation with anyone. S’s are reliable, kind, loyal, and truly amazing friends. C’s are knowledgeable experts whose ability to observe and analyze can prevent disasters. They are all wonderful in their own ways, but today we are going to talk about what your style does that drives everyone nuts!

Here is the tough love version of what everyone really wishes you would stop doing based on your DISC personality because the DISC assessment shows our weaknesses. If it helps, imagine your mom gently explaining these to you — it may make it a little easier to accept — unless, of course, you are a high ‘D,’ then gentleness probably doesn’t work with you. So, imagine Dad giving you the straight-talk version at the kitchen table.  

Why DISC Assessment Shows Our Weaknesses


You are not, it turns out, the center of the universe. Your opinion is, in fact, just your opinion, and not the penultimate answer the world has been looking for just because it came out of your mouth. Quit causing a crisis just so you can solve it. No one is trying to take advantage of you. We know you shine in times of crisis, but the fires you are starting aren’t incentivizing, they’re just burning bridges.


Please stop getting us to try to like you. You look desperate, flitting from person to person seeking affirmation and fishing for compliments. Everyone doesn’t have to like you for you to be you. Pay more attention to what you are doing and less attention to how you think other people think you are doing. Quit being so sensitive. Maybe you should try sitting down and actually finishing something you started for a change.


If you would please stop being so dependent. You don’t need to rely on someone else to give you instructions or to fill the voids in your life. Change isn’t that scary, it’s just a part of life. It is unavoidable. Please stop being so overly cautious and fearful. Your inability to accept change is keeping you from enjoying your life and it’s totally boring.


Quit correcting people. We know you have all the facts straight in your head and that you equate being technically correct with being superior. But that is not the case. Your ability to neurotically fixate on tiny details only keeps you from seeing the big picture. Let it go, dude. 

Whew! That was some tough love there. 

Your personality style has a lot of amazing traits. But we all have our flaws. Being aware of the things you do that irk others is the first step toward gaining behavioral awareness. When we can pay attention to our behavior, we can identify how our once positive traits can go sour. As with most things in life, balance is key.

Behavioral awareness is key for every personality type. While DISC assessment shows our weaknesses, noticing our irritating or isolating tendencies can help us to improve our communication and relationships with other people. 

Being able to utilize the superpowers of your personality style (and attempting to negate the negative aspects of your personality traits) will allow you to become an even more amazing person.

We want to thank PeopleKeys, Wildsparq’s partner in producing the DISC assessment within our platform. 

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