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Every Leader Needs Clear Goals

Every Captain Needs Wind To Sail

How are you planning to get to where you want and need to be this week?

Well, the way we see it, you have three options:

Some people think that becoming a strong leader is like trying to cross the ocean in a rowboat: try, try, try! Others see it as a raft: drift alone until you make it. But successful leaders view the journey more like the captain of a sailboat, relying on skill and know-how, but understanding all along that the wind (help from a power much greater than their own) is the force that will get them to their destination.

Every Leader Needs Clear Goals To Succeed

As you begin the week and look toward the goals you have set for yourself over the coming days, weeks, and months through the end of the year, how are you preparing to get there? Are you planning to simply work harder and harder until you get there alone? Are you hoping to just drift into success, or are you surrounding yourself with others and helping to navigate your team into the right circumstances so you all can reach the goals together?

It’s true that strong leaders must “plan their work and then work their plan,” but it’s equally as important that we not rely solely on our own disciplines to get us where we want to go. Every leader needs clear goals. 

So, set those goals. Put a plan in place to succeed… and then find the wind that can help move you in the right direction.