Nine peoples standing in a circle touching hands

Why is Servant Leadership So Important?

Service is a big deal. And these days, it’s big business, too. There seems to be a new “Servant Leader” book title hitting the Top Seller charts every week. A simple Google search for “service leadership” yields thousands upon thousands of entries. So, why does service mean so much to so many people? And why is it something that individuals, businesses, organizations, universities, and even heads of households are so eager to explore and figure out? 

The Importance of Servant Leadership

Well, we believe it’s because serving others is the only true way to build relationships; and no matter who you are or where you’re from, every day of your life has a service component to it

Think about it. As spiritual beings, created in the image of God, we are designed to have relationships that are deeply rooted in honor, dignity, and respect. Why does service mean so much to so many people? 

Because we need each other. That’s why. We’re spiritual beings created in the image of God… and designed for community. And right now — in a world saturated with technology and touch screens, Tweets, and status updates, there has never been a more important time to create real connections with real people in real, tangible, face-to-face ways. That’s what service is really all about – investing in the stories of others and inviting them to play a part in your own servant leadership.

Boom. There it is. Your quick thought for this week. 

How are you serving the people in your life today?