According to Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, one of the most important things Human Resource leaders will be focusing on in 2019 is strengthening the leadership bench. But what does that mean? And how can you help “strengthen the bench” as your team continues to grow? If you Google “How to strengthen my bench,” you’ll more than likely get search results like: 

Keep your elbows tucked in to your side; use your triceps to help the lift; push against the floor with your feet; keep your upper back muscles tensed; and keep the upper back on the bench for stability.

Yeah. That’s probably good advice, but unfortunately it's not the kind of heavy lifting we're talking about today. We're speaking metaphorically. You know. Like, having depth... making sure "the next guy or girl" is ready to jump in there and move the ball down the field... so to speak. 

Check this out: 72% of companies predict they'll have an increasing number of leadership vacancies in the next three to five years. At the same time, 76% are "less than confident" in their abilities to adequately staff those positions. Yikes!

Regardless of industry, all companies need to find and develop the next generation of leaders if they want to survive, let alone thrive. That’s why Wildsparq exists! To enable and empower businesses and organizations to develop a leadership pipeline. A stronger bench! We have created a consistent and intentional, simple and scalable leader development strategy to help grow your people personally and professionally.

That’s a mouthful, I know. So, I’ll stop adding words. Take a look at the video below from our CEO, Cord Sachs, to learn how you can start strengthening your bench today with Wildsparq!

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