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How to Become a Multiplying Leader

We want you to be a multiplying leader. We fully believe it’s the most strategic way to have the biggest impact on your family, your team, your organization, and the world as a whole. We also believe it’s the best way to get healthy results on a consistent basis and add to the bottom line.

To help harness the power of multiplication in a positive way, we want to introduce you to the four levels of a multiplying leader. 


Level one, execute. As a level one multiplying leader, you know how to execute an action, an attitude, or a process that will positively impact your life or allow you to do your job well. You may not understand all the whys and the hows behind what you do, but someone has shown you what you need to do to execute the job well, to take small practical action steps consistently. 

And now the byproduct is producing great results, you are executing well. In a job, it’s learning the ins and outs of what to do and executing those tasks well, even though the big picture of how the work makes the company profitable may still be alluding you. That’s level one execution.


Level two, own. As a level two multiplying leader, you not only understand what to do, but now you understand the whys behind what you do. In other words, you don’t simply execute a job, or a role, or a workout routine because someone told you, you truly understand the whys behind what you are doing and you own thinking in a strategic way that connects all the dots to the big picture and everyone else involved. 

You understand why you follow a certain process at work, how it impacts the business, and why it’s a big deal. You understand who else is involved and how they’re also connected. In your personal life, you understand the impact, small, daily, intentional decisions can have over time and you harness that power personally.


Level three, develop. Level three involves taking what you know, the hows and the whys of something, and moving that knowledge to others. We call level three develop because at this level, you’re learning how to stretch and maximize the talents of those around you. You intentionally capitalize on the effort your teammates are willing to give because of the way you engage, and care, and lead. 

You don’t simply help others stretch their capacity, you help them increase it by teaching them to harness the power of execution and ownership in their own lives. You therefore can train and help others execute and own their own responsibilities. At this point, you’ve learned how to think for others and strategically move them forward in their own roles. Organizations love developers because when they’re in the room, they seem to get more out of everyone because they can effectively teach and train others the how and the why of what they do.


Level four, reproduce. Level four is where truly great leaders live. When you get to level four, you intentionally multiply yourself into others and you teach them to do the same. Level four multipliers are known for helping those under them multiply their efforts and maximize their results. 

They understand how to strategically create other leaders who can then create other leaders. This is how we create a true multiplying movement of multiplying leaders. Very few get to this level of leadership. We want you to understand how.

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