She's not thriving? Hire her.

I once heard a leader I respect very much discuss the importance of hiring people who are about to fail.

Wait. What?
Hire people who are NOT thriving? Please explain.

Well, it’s not as simple as that, but this was his point: As leaders, sometimes our greatest responsibility is to get out of the way and let smart people do what they love.

“Sometimes,” he quoted, 'true discovery comes from chaos — from going to the place that might look wrong and stupid and foolish — and taking someone with you.' As a leader, it’s my job to look for the smart people who are struggling in spots where they’re set up to fail... When you’re building a team, those are the people you want to steal.”

He explained that this is how Pixar created the film THE INCREDIBLES. They targeted the brilliant, but floundering and allowed them to create the movie they weren't being allowed to make elsewhere. Brad Bird, director of the film, said that he looked for frustrated artists — the Black Sheep who were desperate for something different — the ones who had new ideas that nobody was listening to. “Give me the guys who are about to storm out of the room,” he said.

So, why is that? Why in the world would I want frustrated employees on my team? Because great ideas come from unexpected places, and when new ideas are given the space to grow, magic happens.

Sometimes, people who seem to be going against the flow are actually just creating a new and better stream for others to follow.