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The Big Three with Cord Sachs: Gratitude

Gratitude to me is, it is just looking back and seeing the gifts that have been given to me. I mean, the grace that’s been applied to me and as I look, I’m grateful. I’m thankful. That is what it means.

The Importance of Gratitude in Business

Gratitude has everything to do with business as it does any other area of life. As we do look and see the progression of our business, we will see, because we’re still in business, that we’ve grown, there have been scenarios that we had no control over that worked out. 

Grateful for the Team at Wildsparq

We see leaders that performed and you can’t help but just be thankful. You can’t help as you look back, you have to pause and you have to stop, and you have to look back and just see all the good things that took place outside of your control and that will produce a lot of gratefulness. That’s really easy. I mean, I’m grateful for my team.

I’m grateful for their buy-in to what we’re doing here. Just the vision to give our life away to helping people multiply their lives. I’m just super grateful that my team’s really bought in 100% to that because it fuels me in my own personal calling and I think it’s a big part of theirs as well. So when I see us all taking part and really being excited about that happening, I’m super grateful for that.