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The Big Three with Cord Sachs: Story

This month, we’re focusing on “Story” and how understanding the elements of a great story can influence and help set the direction of culture within an organization. “Story” is a subject that has been studied and discussed repeatedly over the last several years, but we believe there is still more to be discovered around the ideas and ideals we’ll take a look at this month. So, come along with us as we dig in together! 

We’re kicking things off with our second episode of The Big Three with Cord Sachs, our founder and CEO. In this episode revolving around story, we hear Cord’s take on these three big questions:

1. How does understanding someone’s story influence you?
2. What makes a great story?
3. Why is it important to create an environment for others to share their story?

Thanks for watching! We’re looking forward to sharing more with you and perhaps even hearing more about YOUR story over the next several weeks.

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