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The Big Three with Cord Sachs: Team-Building

The Big Three: Team-building from Wildsparq on Vimeo.

The number one thing to create a successful team is you got to have A players, you’ve got to recruit A players. You’ve got to have A players that aren’t just good at skills, but they believe your why, they believe why you do what you do. They want to be a part of the story, not just the job. You get those kind of leaders in, head and shoulders above of where you’ll be if you don’t.

Find Team Members Who are Versatile

So there are some positions in your organization where you got to get the skill. You got to hone in, you got to really get the skill right. But I would say in the majority of your slots, you want the best athlete. You want to recruit the best athlete, you want to bring in the best team player that you can bring in because guess what? You can move them around and you can find out. 

Find Team Members Who Are Bought In

But if you get the stud, if you get the individual that’s super engaging and buys into everything that you are and then those have a lot of skills and talents, you’re going to be able to move them around. And you put a lot of leaders like that together and you’re smart enough to figure out, “Okay, which one can be shifted over here for this season of time to have impact?” You get A players and you’re going to be able to attract a lot more A players.

Find Team Members Who Know Their Why

Get the athletes, get the A players. Big fan of that over skills. A great coach believes and they get their people to believe. They empower, they affirm, they get in the trench with their people when necessary. Great leaders and great coaches are engaged with the team.