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We Need Others in Our Story

Arthur Blank Shows Us We Need Others in Our Story

In the early 1970s, Arthur Blank met a guy named Bernie Marcus at a place called “Handy Dan Home Improvement” where they worked as general managers. After they both got fired from Handy Dan, the two friends decided to start their own home improvement store. They called it “The Home Depot.” 

I think you know how this story goes, but their idea revolutionized the home improvement business with its warehouse concept. And pretty soon, Arthur and Bernie became billionaires as a result. Arthur went on to purchase the Atlanta Falcons in 2002 and now he enjoys running that multi-million dollar organization as well as The Blank Foundation, which supports innovative endeavors leading to better circumstances for low-income youth and their families. 

Why We Need Others in Our Story

Now, I don’t share that story to impress you with how much money Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus have. The point of the story is that Arthur and Bernie needed each other and we need others in our story. 

They couldn’t have gotten to where they are today without the “other.” And that’s true for almost every successful leader.

Think about it: Orville Wright needed his brother, Wilbur to invent the world’s first airplane in 1903. Ben Cohen needed Jerry Greenfield to help create Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream in 1978. Where would Darryl Hall be without John Oates? Would the Captain have ever made it without Tennille? 

The fact is, none of us could survive on our own. We need “the others” in our lives in order to have a complete story. We need others in our story. Think about “the others” in your life today. Tell them thanks. Show them you care about them and appreciate them. Tell them you’re better off because they’re around.

Who are some of “the others” in your story?