The Three C's of Feedback

Giving feedback in a healthy and productive manner is critical for building your relationships. Studies have shown that most people fall on one side or the other (positive or negative) when giving feedback based on how they are wired. For those who don’t like conflict, there is generally very little strong feedback, which can be frustrating for the people around them who want to know where they stand. On the flip side, there are those who only seem to be able to point out the negative, which often deflates morale and drive.

So where’s the middle ground? How can you balance both positive and negative feedback in your relationships at work and at home? Cord Sachs, CEO of FireSeeds, says you should follow The Three C’s of Feedback to maximize your influence and motivation of others.


Acknowledge when you see something done well and celebrate it.


Connect what you are celebrating to the individual as a person.


Once you’ve had a regular dose of celebration and championing, it creates an open line of communication that allows you to challenge, critique, and call that individual to more.

Everyone wants feedback, because we all want to know how we are performing in the eyes of those around us.  As a strong leader, you have to balance giving both positive and negative feedback if you want to maintain a good relationship with those around you.

To hear Cord’s full interview with Yellowhammer Radio, listen here.

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