Man sitting on a chair outside with his laptop in his lap

Why You Should Think Like an Owner

This is not your car. Neither is this. Gosh, I hope this isn’t your car. It’s a rental! 

And nobody treats a rental car the way they treat their own. In fact, studies have shown that even with the threat of having to pay for damages, people tend to mistreat rental cars more than their own.

Leaders Who Think Like Owners Succeed

The same phenomenon applies to the workplace. People who have a sense of ownership in their companies treat the company differently than those who don’t. They realize that the better they care about their company, the better chance the company has of succeeding, and that means they succeed. 

Leaders Who Think Like Owners Grow

Because a healthy company leads to job security, opportunities for growth, there should be alignment with your motivation. These lessons will focus on how to create a team full of people who think like owners. Trust me, you want owners and not renters on your team, because let’s be honest, nobody washes a rental car.