Time to gush a little...

Last week, we posted about the importance of celebrating your teams. Celebrations help boost morale, build-up teams, serve as motivation, helps us share in each others’ success, and help build a stronger work culture. Make sure you CHECK THAT OUT if you haven’t already. Well, today, we’re going to zag a bit and take a moment to do a different kind of celebration. We’re celebrating our partners.

Each week we like to give shout-outs to the incredible businesses and individuals that are engaged in the Wildsparq platform, and starting to see positive results in their own organization(s). Today, we’re celebrating FOUR partners that have recently signed on.

First up, is INTEGRATED FINANCIAL GROUP out of Atlanta. IFG is Atlanta’s largest independent financial planning consortium. They adhere to the idea that many minds are better than one (or even a few), so they have created their Brain Trust that allows the company to collectively assist their clients’ financial planning. They also understand the importance of growing and developing their leaders, so they called Wildsparq. We couldn’t be happier to come alongside this new, amazing addition to the Wildsparq roster of clients. 

We’ve also recently connected with another champion in the world of financial and accounting service, and this one is also out of the A-T-L. ACUITY is a firm that consistently goes above and beyond for their clients, giving them the financial tools and advice they need to reach their full potential through virtual bookkeeping and accounting services. Kindred Spirits, we’d say. They “get it” on so many different levels, and one of those levels is investing in their own teams. Definitely take a look at the good they are doing by visiting their website

SET-TO-SELL is a Birmingham-based company right here in our own backyard. We have loved working with their leaders to help grow and strengthen their teams and solidify their goal(s) to not only beautify homes and become the number one organization for home staging and interior design, but also to be an enduring and endearing place for their leaders to thrive. Their company and their services are absolutely stunning! Check them out!

Finally, we’d like to celebrate Valley Rubber, a custom rubber solutions manufacturer, from just up the road in Falkville, Alabama. These guys are passionate about positively impacting their customers AND their employees every single day. To quote part of their mission statement, “We believe it is by God’s grace and purpose that we are here. We trust in Him to provide for our future as we serve our customers, employees and community.” Wow. Now that’s a company we want to see develop leaders and therefore pass along their commitment, focus, and drive to others. Wildsparq is super-proud to be partnering with Valley Rubber and we can’t wait to see their people grow!

What about you? How can you and your team implement Wildsparq’s simple, scalable plan to grow your people, both personally and professionally? Actually, you know what? Don’t answer that. Let us answer it for you! CLICK HERE to sign up for a free demo of the leadership platform that these great companies and other great companies like CHICK-FIL-A, HONDA, ONIN, and CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL OF ALABAMA have implemented to help strengthen their culture, develop stronger teams, and develop their leaders in a simple, scalable way!