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How to Turn Your Calling into Your Job

FireSeeds CEO Cord Sachs spoke with Yellowhammer Radio about how to turn your calling into your job by making sure your identity aligns with the work you do on a daily basis.

Why Turn Your Calling Into Your Job

When we assess our calling in life, we have to take a personal inventory of our current situation as well as understand our personality and hard-wiring. Because 80,000 hours of our life will be spent at work, we need to align what we choose to do on a daily basis with what we feel we have been called to do in life.

If you have determined your current role is not a good fit, there needs to be an intentional approach to determine why it’s not working. Think about the specifics of your job that are causing you not to perform and develop an inventory of why the current scenario isn’t working.

What do you like and dislike about your current role?

Are you passionate about what you’re doing?

Can you be the best in the world at your job?

Does it meet your financial expectations?

How to Turn Your Calling into Your Job

Once you’ve looked into your current situation and determined why it’s not working, then look into your own identity to find more clues. God has created us all with a unique personalities because we’re supposed to accomplish specific works He has prepared for us, so looking into the identity piece gives us clues about the unique preferences we have based on how we’re designed by God.  

Once we’ve assessed what makes us tick, it’s important to match our future opportunities with what we’ve learned from our current situation. This is called the Calling-Fit Bullseye.


This defines the culture you will thrive in (the vision and mission of the organization, the people in the organization, the detail and follow-through of the organization, etc.). You must be attracted to the culture of the organization in order to excel.


This is based on the position itself. What positions do you see yourself being passionate about and deriving energy from? You have to match your identity to the position itself in order to create clarity on whether or not it will be the right fit.

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