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What’s Your Story?

“A truly good story teaches me better than to read it. I must soon lay it down, and commence living on its hint. What I began by reading, I must finish by acting.” — Henry David Thoreau

The Stories Of Our Lives

Everyone loves a great story — no matter the genre or content. Great stories can be entertaining, fun, dramatic, romantic, and even sad or scary. Regardless, the best stories are always more than words on paper. They offer new perspectives, new challenges, opportunities, and meaning to the world around us. They are intentional and actionable.

Every story is about life in one way or another. What’s more, every life is a story. 

Do you believe that? The details of our day-to-day might be different, but each and every one of us is living out a very specific and meaningful role. What’s your story? Think about it. You have been given gifts and talents, passions and urges that lead you throughout your day. Sure, you share likes and dislikes with others. Some of us might even look and act the same. But you are writing your story. The same goes for me and him and her and the guy in accounting and the girls from human resources.

What’s Your Story?

But here’s the thing. Writing your story is not enough. We have to begin understanding our roles in a much larger context before we can realize our full potential and start to fully impact the world around us. Understanding our stories and the stories of others is crucial in all areas of life because every action, reaction, transaction, interaction, relationship, meeting, pitch, or sale is about people. And every person’s life is a powerful story.

Your talents and passions are legitimate. They are yours. Respect them. Live them

The more you know your story and understand the significance of your role in it, the more you can contribute and help guide the story of others.

We all have opportunities to speak into the hearts and minds of the people we meet. When we take advantage of those opportunities and embrace the idea of positively impacting the lives of others, we begin to share something much more powerful and meaningful than words on paper. We can begin to do life together and allow our own characters to become subplots in the larger context of the Larger Story we are all writing together.

The future may sometimes be unclear, but we know that the relationships we build today will help guide and direct us with confidence and clarity toward a meaningful tomorrow. Each new day is another opportunity for your character to make a difference in the lives of others by doing what you do, and how you do it. So what’s your story?

Are you ready? Once upon a time…

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