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Remember Your Role

Understanding Your Role

It’s been said that you can’t drive in a nail with a screwdriver. That’s the hammer’s job. It’s also true that you can’t tighten a screw with a hammer. The screwdriver was made for that. And when these tools are used in the right ways, their potential is immeasurable. There’s no telling what they might build!

The same is true for you and me and the people we serve and work with every day. But, there’s nothing more frustrating than thinking you’re prepared for a job, and then finding out you don’t have the tools, training, technology, or know-how to get it done. 

I take that back. Thinking others are ready, and then finding out you might be the reason they aren’t prepared. That’s the most frustrating thing.

Remember Your Role

We’ve all experienced this in one way or another because we all have this innate desire to be used in the right ways — to make an impact. When that doesn’t happen — when we are not being used in the right ways, or we aren’t fully equipped to fulfill our potential — well, that’s when progress stops, jobs don’t get done, and frustration takes over. But when we are prepared — and our training is in line with the end goal — that’s when those goals are met and exceeded; things get built; and we all go about our business a little more fulfilled, knowing we’re doing what we’ve been made to do. You must remember your role in life.

This might sound like a “selfish” post about “me, me, me,” but I would submit that it’s about quite the opposite. It’s about teams and working together and understanding our gifts, strengths, shortcoming, and weaknesses so that we might build something great, together. 

After all, a hammer can drive in nails, but it’s hard to build something lasting, meaningful, and real without all those other tools. Remember your role this week and how you can help or support someone else. You might be surprised at how much you get done!

Go build, y’all.