Communication Skills

If you’ve ever struggled to communicate clearly, then you know the pain of feeling like you just can’t get your point across.

Whether you were feeling insecure about how the other person might respond to what you’re saying, trying to soften a difficult truth by “sugarcoating” it or feeling frustrated because your words just didn’t have the impact you wanted, communication that misses the mark is painful for everyone involved.

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Effective communication is the cornerstone of leadership.

We want to help you unpack the reasons communication is so essential to leadership and business success, take advantage of models and pragmatic tools that will help you build communication skills and learn to communicate in a way that moves people. The Communications Skills module helps you do all these things and more by equipping you with team communication methods that really work.

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You Confuse, You Lose

How can you communicate in a way that moves people? This lesson will answer that critical question and unpack the C4 Communication Framework. You will be equipped with practical ways you can “win” when communicating.

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The Power of Story

This lesson will unpack the Story Framework and show you how to deliver communication that inspires and moves people to action. Instead of talking at people, you’ll use the power of story to connect with people.

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Making Communication Stick

This lesson introduces a framework for making your communication “stick” with your recipient so that you get the outcome you’re aiming for when communicating.

Leadership development is the key to effective communication.