Everyone needs constructive feedback from those in their domain.

But it can be hard to know how to give — or receive — feedback in the right way. What if you say the wrong thing to someone and end up shutting them down instead of motivating them? What if you can’t get past that one thing your boss said about your performance not being optimal, and now you’re struggling to do anything?

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While giving and receiving feedback isn’t the easiest thing in the world, it is essential for the health of any organization

In this module, you’ll learn to utilize the Celebrate, Champion and Challenge feedback training model for your family, team and organization.

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Celebrate, Champion and Challenge

You’ll explore three key elements of feedback and how you can apply them to your team.

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Appreciate Me

Feedback is critical for the growth of a team. You’ll explore how to properly celebrate and champion teammates through affirmation.

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Rising to the Challenge

You’ll walk through a practical feedback model for your team and organization, Feed Me Feedback!

Give and receive feedback the right way.