Workplace Innovation

Most leaders wish they had more innovation in their organization and feel unequipped to implement an innovation strategy.

Whether you’re dreaming of creating the next iPhone or simply looking for fresh ideas to implement next quarter, we understand that it’s hard to know where to start. We also know the power of company innovation and how this shift in your culture can drive bottom-line results.

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Organizations that last build a culture of innovation at work.

While innovation can seem elusive and reserved for big tech companies, we believe differently because we’ve helped thousands of teams transform from box-checkers into idea-generators. It’s entirely possible to foster more innovation within your organization. You just need the right strategy, management tools, and practices in place for your team.

(Hint: it’s all about creating space for creativity, open-mindedness and collaboration!)

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Our Innovate course is a 3-month innovation workshop for your team.

It will show you how to foster an environment of innovation and keep it at the heart of your organization. We’ll provide an innovation framework that is easy to implement and sustain (because your focus should be on idea generation instead!) You’ll also learn proven tools and practices to increase innovation at work within every level of your organization. You will glean from work innovation ideas with an emphasis on practical application to harness the creative minds on your team and drive results.

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It’s Not Magic

Creativity and innovation aren’t magical qualities only a few enjoy. Every person can contribute to workplace innovation! This lesson will explore a few simple principles and practices to help you bring more invention to every role.

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Collective Creativity

You don’t have to be a “creative” to be creative. In this lesson you’ll learn a framework and tools to unleash the creative minds of your team and harness the brilliance of every person in the room.

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Organization Innovation

Organizations that last build a culture of innovation and encourage unconventional thinking at every level. Packed with practical workplace innovation examples, this lesson will teach you the steps to move innovation to action and keep it at the core of your organization for years to come.

How do you create an environment where invention and creativity are the norm?