Team Building

Everyone loves the idea of team building, but how exactly does it happen?

In this module, you’ll develop a servant leadership style and learn how it practically plays out at work and home. You’ll understand how to effectively develop trust and recognize how that trust affects relationships and results within a family, team or organization.

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Additionally, you’ll learn to utilize best practices and processes of intentionally

Finally, you’ll learn to identify the key components of dynamic teams, how to evaluate the health of a team and how you personally affect team dynamics as a team leader or team member.

Cycle of Training

You’ll learn how effective and great training ensures the continuity of your organization from both an operational and culture standpoint.

Best Team Meetings Ever

Team meetings. What comes to mind when you hear those words? Apply these practical tools and have the best team meetings ever!

One-on-One 101

Is it possible to create a one-on-one that no one wants to miss? Learn how to have amazing one-on-ones.

Trust Matters

At work and home, trust is the glue that holds healthy relationships together. We will look at elements of trust and how it affects all of life.

Little Things Matter

Gaining trust for the long haul is often about doing the little things today. Learn how little things can change big things.

Tangible Trust

Trust is a living thing that tangibly affects individuals and organizations. Learn more about how it practically affects you daily.

Redirect Your Ambition

Learn to redirect your ambition to achieve organizational goals, an essential element of Level 5 Leadership as discussed by Jim Collins in Good to Great.

​​The Servant Leader

What does it really mean to put others before yourself? This Sparqwork will explore several core traits of a servant leader.

Servant Leader Case Studies

Putting others before yourself can change the world. Read about real stories of servant leadership.

Big Team, Little Me

Little of great value was ever accomplished alone. You’ll learn how team health affects your entire organization.

Energy Vampires

Jon Gordon says that Energy Vampires suck the life out of teams and organizations. You’ll learn the characteristics of Energy Vampires and how they can harm teams.

The Art of Adding Value

A mindset to add value to every room you enter can change your team and the world. A posture of generosity is a valuable quality to develop — and doesn’t cost you anything.

The success of your business starts with your team.