Tough Conversations

Most people don’t know how to have tough conversations with employees — or they just don’t like doing it.

We’d rather gloss over an offense than address it head-on, or simply avoid someone who gets under our skin rather than have a conversation with them about their behavior. But these tactics only cause conflict to fester under the surface; they don’t fix anything, and they’ll hold you — and your organization — back.

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In this module, you’ll learn to handle tough conversations effectively, as well as how failing to deal with conflict can radically affect relationships and results.

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What’s at Stake?

Great leaders know that dealing with conflict can transform relationships and results. Let’s explore how asking that 1 question can change how you view difficult conversations.

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Don’t Be McFly

You will learn to face conflict head on and arrive at great results on the other side.

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Stuck in the Middle

It’s one thing to understand how to attack conflict personally, but what if you are stuck in the middle? It’s vital to learn the core elements of effective peer mediation

Difficult conversations are inevitable. Equip your team to handle them well.